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Stop drifting, start being

Scott and Jo - the LifeUp co-founders - discovered a mutual interest in mindfulness whilst both living in South London in 2012. They set about a joint mission to mainstream mindfulness and shared a vision for building a generation of human wellbeings!  

Both coming from the Corporate world and having had their share of life's knocks and family bereavements, each had turned to mindfulness to nurture their own health and wellbeing.

Although they were both taking a lot of value from the various mindfulness and meditation techniques on offer - from weekend courses, books and retreats - they found no "one-stop-shop" that brought all these resources together. 

They also identified that in-person mindfulness classes are inherently inaccessible, inconsistent and inconvenient.  Could mindfulness training be delivered virtually to make it cheap, easy to access and fit around people's busy lives? 

Just do it!

Scott had an idea for making an online mindfulness course to bring peace to the masses (before anyone knew what mindfulness was!).  The content was bouncing around in his head from his own experience, he just needed a like-minded, high-energy individual also passionate about mindfulness, to help bring it to life.

He shares the idea with Jo and proposed they partner to make it happen.  The mission was agreed and the vision set. 

After many an hour discussing how to turn the idea into reality, and days and weeks curating the content - LifeUp was born!


From stressed to best

As they collated the content, developed the course and put their own advice into practice - things really started to change in their own lives!  In 2013 Jo transitioned from Banking to a career in Social Enterprise, via a 1 year leadership programme called On Purpose. Scott moved to work part-time so he could follow his passion and focus on creating LifeUp.



In October 2014 (even after missing the initial deadline!) Jo and Scott secured funding and one year's strategic guidance from UnLtd, a grant-making organisation that supports start-up social enterprises. 

An overview of our business showed our marketing and branding strategy required some work.  So we enlisted the help of Laurence and Carlos from The Happy Startup School

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Mainstreaming Mindfulness

With their direction focused on creating our “minimum lovable product”, our first product the '21 day Challenge' was born. We later built this out into our flagship 'LifeUp Mindfulness Challenge', all under LifeUp’s new tagline “From Survive to Thrive”.  We worked with Michael - our beloved designer - and we tested, refined, tested and launched!  

We were also lucky enough to bring on Alex as a new technology partner. He built our LifeUp App, and after a feature in The Guardian Online and a successful pilot with 150 participants from EY we're ready to roll.

Mindfulness works for us and it can work for you too… Help us continue the story!

The LifeUp vision is to mainstream mindfulness and foster a generation of human wellbeings - equipped with the insight, life skills and support to nurture mental wellbeing and maximise their experience of life