The LifeUp Mindfulness Challenge: Day 13

Connect - Get back in touch with your body

SPACE: Smile, Perspective, Appreciation and forgiveness, Connect, Emotions

C is for CONNECT - It’s time to get back in touch with your body


When we are continually 'caught up in our heads' the side effect is a feeling of not ‘being in your body’, ‘not feeling yourself’ or feeling ‘out of sorts’. This makes it difficult to access headspace.

In fact, in our 24x7 digital age, we are so used to spending so much time in our heads that sometimes we don't even realise that we're disconnected from our headspace.

The solution is to have a regular practice to ‘get back into your body’ by really connecting with your body’s senses of sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing - pure sensing without excessive thought interpretation.

There are lots of ways to get back into your body. Exercise can be an excellent tool, especially as it has the added bonus of physical fitness and releasing feel-good endorphins.

Dancing, singing, making or doing anything tactile are also excellent ways to get back into your body. Also spending time outdoors can really help too.


Try out this great body connection technique that you can use anywhere:

Remember: Breath Rythmically, Evenly And, Through the Heart Everytime

  1. Place your right hand on your heart or on the pulse in your left wrist.
  2. Feel the beat of your heart and connect with your body.
  3. Count down 30 beats, holding your attention on the sensation of your pulse on your hand or finger. Notice if you can slow your pulse down.
  4. Don’t forget to breathe!

If your chest feels tight, you've probably been shallow breathing, as most of us tend to do. Have another go and this time lengthen your in and out breath and ensure a proper exhale to give your lungs a chance to empty. Don’t force the inhale though, it will happen naturally if you ensure you exhale. 

Congratulations! Now see how the thoughts try to rush back in. Hold onto the space you have created and take it with you into everything you do.

‘Congratulations - ‘mini high five’!

Take away

Access your headspace by ‘getting back in your body’.