The LifeUp Mindfulness Challenge: Day 14

Emotions ‘unplugged’ - Feel and make space for your emotions

SPACE: Smile, Perspective, Appreciation and forgiveness, Connect, Emotions

E is for EMOTIONS ‘unplugged’ - Feel and make space for your emotions


We often hear the expression of emotions being ‘bottled up’, ‘suppressed’ or being ‘pushed to the back of the mind’. If negative emotions are not fully faced, accepted, and then released, they build up and can affect our mind and body.

These unspent emotions are those accumulated in your day-to-day living as well as emotional pain from your childhood, adolescence and adult life. They form and reinforce unconscious behavioural patterns, lead to knee-jerk reactions and susceptibility to emotional triggers.

By gently transforming and unblocking your bottled-up emotions, you can live more freely and uncover your headspace.

‘Unplugging’ emotions is all about proactively noticing the tension, sensations and emotions in the body and making space for them, rather than unconsciously resisting or suppressing them.

The act of consciously observing emotions as sensations in the body, brings the feelings to the surface. By continuing to observe the sensation rather than getting carried away with the emotion we can feel and release the built up emotional tension.

By really allowing ourselves to feel the emotions without judgement or thought, they become ‘unplugged’ and quickly dissipate.


Remember to BREATHE

- Breathe Rhythmically, Evenly And, Through the Heart Everytime

  1. Using Ujjayi breathing, breathe in deeply through the heart. Feel your chest expand with fresh oxygen.

  2. At the top of the in-breath, observe any tensions, emotions and sensations that you feel in the chest and forehead.

  3. Exhale out through the heart, feeling the breath blowing out through your chest and forehead.

  4. Repeat five times gently unplugging the sensations and emotions, little by little with every exhale.

Be aware that as you exhale the emotions may get more intense as they come to the surface. Just continue to observe these emotions as sensations in the body and let them be rather than getting 'attached' to them.

Sometimes they dissipate rapidly during the practice. For other sensations and emotions, usually those that have been unconsciously resisted or suppressed for a long time, it requires regular application of the technique before they are finally 'unplugged'.

Take away

By gently transforming and unblocking your bottled up emotions you can live more freely and uncover your headspace.

‘Congratulations - give yourself a ‘mini high five’!

Your Progress

Congratulations, you have now completed the second mindfulness pillar 'Create Headspace' where you practiced the SPACE technique to rest & relax and allow your happiness and creativity to emanate through.

Next up, starting tomorrow, is the pillar 'Pay Attention' where you'll practice the FLOW technique to help you consciously choose to place your attention on things that really matter to you and avoid burning it up on things that don't. Get in the 'flow' to energise your life, relationships and work!