The LifeUp Mindfulness Challenge: Day 9

Mastery of your thoughts

DISARM: Discover, Identify, Separate, Allow, Recover, Master

M is for MASTERY over your thoughts


When your attention wanders onto your unhelpful thoughts they can snowball and grow in your mind until they cloud your views and behaviour.

Picture your mind like a clear blue sky, expansive and ever-present. Now imagine your thoughts floating by like clouds. Remember there is a calm, still peaceful place behind turbulent thoughts and feelings.

The sky can always make room for the weather. The calm follows the storm.  The calm sky is always there when the weather has passed, still and expansive.

It’s easy to forget that you have a choice whether to believe your thoughts or not, a choice whether to take them personally; a choice to find the space around thoughts. 

By regularly noticing we are not our thoughts and by making a regular positive assertion that we are separate from our thoughts, we re-gain mastery of our minds.


Read this sentence a few times, silently to yourself.

‘I can hear the voice in my head reading this sentence’

Notice how you can listen to the soundtrack of thoughts inside your head? This is a little trickier the first time you try it so don't worry if it wasn't obvious. With a little practice you can notice how you can observe your own thought process objectively.

Now say this sentence a few times, silently to yourself. Listen as you say it.

I choose not to personalise my thoughts’ about... [insert negative thought here]

Done the activity? Time for a ‘mini high five’!

Take away

By regularly observing that we are not our thoughts, we re-gain mastery of our minds.

Your Progress

Congratulations, you have now completed the first mindfulness pillar, 'Thought Monitoring' and have practiced the DISARM technique to notice and depersonalise unhelpful thoughts. 

Next up, starting tomorrow, is the the pillar 'Create Headspace' where you'll practice the SPACE technique to rest & relax and allow your happiness and creativity to emanate through.